Herjacktech Gerenciamento de processos em obras


In this field, the management of transportation systems and licensing are the top request from customers. The implementation of this kind of project requires: specialized reports and environmental impact reports. Besides, a strategic planning, in case of integration of urban transport and upgrading of roads and highways, is necessary.
The herjacktech works in the following areas of road transport:
- Technical assistance for works;
- Environmental studies;
- Surveying;
- Laboratory testing;
- Integration of urban transport;
- Rehabilitation of roads;

The air transportation security is always in great demand. Since, any carelessness can be fatal, a project, into this segment, ought to have a solid foundation that permit supervision and support.
The herjacktech works in the following areas of air transportation:
- Extension of runways and landing;
- Feasibility studies and implementation of the project with safety;
- Carrying out projects in airports, such as, runway lighting project.
Inside the port sector, which can be very profitable, when operated correctly, there are peculiar issues. Therefore, a properly structured project has a specialized consultancy, that will guide the environmental licensing, and the concession of areas and leases.
The Herjacktech works in the following areas of port transportation:
- Lease concessions;
- Technical consulting service to conduct reports flow in ports.
- Installation of hoppers and silos for bulk handling;
- Implantation of port terminals;
- Technical assistance for the feasibility of offshore projects;
- Survey and cost analysis of port operations, customs handling and containers.